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sermon April 3, 2016

“Last Night” a poem from March 3, 2013

       LAST NIGHT   Last night while I was sleeping I lay my burden down. I saw sorrow, I saw sunshine, I saw teardrops on the ground.   Things I did I can’t remember; Some I never should have done. Some they haunt me, some they taunt me, They pursue me like the […]

Sermon February 24, 2013

Feb 24, 2013     A Fable   The field was grazed and over-grazed. Time passed. The generations of livestock accumulated swiftly. New calves every year. New mothers every two. But the farmers came in generations, too. They rose, enjoyed a long noon and afternoon and fell, also. The field that was grazed and over-grazed, […]

Give Peace Some Love

  GIVE PEACE SOME LOVE Stephen Philbrick, September 18, 2011  Life no meaning, passions no constructive outlet, future no reality/ My education doesn’t prepare me for a good job/ Crime DOES pay/ My education nor my faith tell me how to face the unknown/ I have responsibility for my future, but no power/ I want to […]