Who We Are

Our Philosophy…Welcome!

Open and Affirming Statement

The West Cummington Congregational Church, affiliate of the United Church of Christ, openly welcomes all people without regard to income, creed, background, race, gender, age, physical/mental ability, sexual orientation or gender identity. As an open and affirming church, we celebrate all loving and responsible relationships. It is a gift and a glory of God. We embrace gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and heterosexual people.

We encourage all people to worship, to join, and welcome people to take positions of responsibility on commitees. The sacraments, including marriage, are open to everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We support all families in their journeys.

(Unanimously adopted November 7, 2004)

If you are a Visitor

Each of us knows what it was like to try something for the first time. We, too, wondered what this church was all about. Introduce yourself and share with us your spiritual journeys, and we will share our own. We have no creedal test you must pass. You will be welcome to come again.

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