Committees and Leadership

Volunteer Leadership for 2011
Individual and Committee Responsibilities
West Cummington Congregational Church


Coffee Hour: Set up coffee before church. Coffee, milk, cookies and fruit purchased as part of Wed coffee hour. Clean up after coffee hour. Committee rarely meets. (Sunday): Darlene Graham (Wednesday): Nan Clark

Communion: Set up communion table on first Sunday of the month. Pour juice and set out bread. Talk with Peri at the Creamery a day or two before Saturday to make sure a small loaf of bread is set aside for WCCC. Pick up bread and juice at Creamery Saturday before. Indicate purchase in log book for WCCC. Take soiled items for washing. Return items prior to next communion Sunday. Committee rarely meets but coordinates schedule to assure coverage. Chris Brandon, Cathy Stillerman, Lisa Westervelt

Flowers and Candles: Provide flowers for church on Sunday. Keep stock of dripless candles. Keep candlesticks in order and fills them. Light candles on Sunday. Clean wax off table. For Candlelight Service in December, decorate the church and prepare candles. Hang wreaths or boughs on front doors. Committee rarely meets.

Greeters: Greet people coming to the service and give programs. Committee does not meet. Betsy Sullivan

Kids’ Church: Take children to Parish House (Remington Lodge). Offer spiritual or crafts program. Prepare and serve a snack. Committee meets about once per quarter with considerable email in between. Jackie Hatt, Steve Philbrick, Polly Ryan, Karen Simon, Kim Tobin, Sandy Elia, Bobby-Ann Higgins, Elizabeth Hawley

Lay Service: Encourage congregation to sign up for third week of the month for Lay Service. Work with lay leader as needed. Committee rarely meets. Hal Fales, Tom Nields-Duffy

Music: Work with Penny on activity related to piano or hymnals or supplement. Assists Penny in providing music for services and identifying guest and substitute musicians. Committee meets as needed. Deborah Balmuth, Steve Philbrick, Ben Ross, Penny Shultz, Karen Simon

Order of Worship: Receive order of worship from minister or lay leader. Choose artwork and prepare 50 or so copies, and leave for Sunday service. Person responsible emails/talks with minister weekly. Lisa Westervelt, Jan Bradley


Sherpas: Oversee the Parish House building, as follows: guidelines and calendar for use of building, care of interior and exterior structure, custodial supervision, purchase of supplies. Oversee annual Church Auction, including soliciting for items, arranging for dinner, auction process, preparation of room and follow up. Committee meets on the third Monday of the month. Nan Clark, Mary Hale, Vera Hertzberg, Val Kohn, Carleen Madigan, Steve Philbrick, Hattie Plehn, Polly Ryan, Sandy Elia, Rick Hawley, Elizabeth Hawley


Broader Mission: Evaluate and choose organizations to receive the WCCC contributions; communicate with organizations and encourage giving by congregation. Committee usually meets after church twice a year with substantial email activity in between. Peg Cowen, Sandy Elia, Lori Peters, Steve Philbrick, Mary Pulley, Cathy Stillerman

Farther Along: Produce and mail the newsletter, either by email or postal service. Committee meets (when and how often?)

Church Hill Performance: Plan and oversee the musical, literary, and educational events. Includes applying for Cultural Council grants, contact with presenters/performers, publicity, preparation of building, parking, and arranging for clean up. Committee meets as needed. Wil Hastings, Steve Philbrick, John Perkins, Lori Peters, Hattie Plehn, Ben Ross, Penny Schultz, Lisa Westervelt

Databaser: Keep the database for labels and other uses. David Owen

Email list and WCCC Directory: Oversee the WCCC email list, including keeping addresses current and sending announcements. John Perkins and Joy Chipman.

Webmaster: Post items to WCCC website. Polly Ryan

Wednesday Coffee Hour: Provide coffee from 9am to 11am every Wednesday in the Parish House. All welcome. Nan Clark


Auditor: The auditor focuses on the work of the Collector and Treasurer. With respect to the Collector, bank deposits should be reconciled to the weekly “record of receipts” in the “little brown book” kept at the lectern. With respect to the Treasurer who handles disbursements, receiving bills, and paying them, the auditor reviews the legitimacy of invoices and ensures disbursements are properly documented. The auditor reports to the Finance Committee and to the Congregation. Fran Henry

Building and Grounds: Oversees exterior and interior of church. Weekly heat and sanding when needed. Special projects and seasonal maintenance of building. Seasonal maintenance of grounds. Maintenance of lighting, furnace, windows, etc. Supervision of custodian. Committee meets to plan specific projects. John Jones, Steve Philbrick

Clerk: Keeps records of church meetings including members of church; works with volunteer to produce the WCCC directory. Joy Chipman

Collector: Counts money from church service offerings, tracks offering amounts and donations against pledges, deposits offering & all other incoming church monies into church’s checking account, notifies treasurer of deposited amounts with description of deposit. Works in conjunction with the treasurer & bookkeeper to assure accuracy of church’s books. John Perkins

Deacons: Provide support and advice to the minister on overall church policies and practices. Act as liaison between the congregation and the minister; help identify and resolve issues as they arise. Meet monthly at 8:45 on third Sunday of the month; more often, as requested by the minister or deacons. Deborah Balmuth, Stephen Bushway, Dan Dashnaw, Hal Fales, Wil Hastings, Alma Owen, Laura Sheridan

Finance: Prepares the actual and projected budget and offers it to the congregation. Decides about church investments. Committee meets at least quarterly with numerous emails between meetings. Peg Cowen, John Eisenhour, Hal Fales, Wil Hastings, Toni Lake, John Perkins, Steve Philbrick

Fundraising/Stewardship: Hold events or conduct solicitations to attract added donations for meeting the annual budget needs or for designated special projects. Develop ideas for special events that raise money as well as awareness of church’s presence in the greater community. Organize larger committees to execute events, as needed. Meets as needed. Deborah Balmuth, Carleen Madigan, Polly Ryan

Moderator: Oversees meetings of the full congregation (annual meeting; semi-annual meetings; other special church meetings). Prepares agenda for meetings and acts as moderator to ensure orderly, timely, productive meetings. Deborah Balmuth

Options: A special committee appointed by the Deacons in February 2010 following the church fire. Charged with gathering ideas from the community on options for rebuilding or taking another course of action; assessing the feasibility and desirability of all options; and making a written report to the congregation by May 1, 2010. Hattie Plehn (chair), John Perkins, Will Bundy, Jack Sobon, Peg Cowen, Michael Barrett, John Jones

Treasurer: Pays bills and maintains checkbook. Works in conjunction with the collector & bookkeeper to assure accuracy of church’s books. ToniLake

Volunteers for Special Events: Sandy Elia

Please note that some volunteer tasks require purchase of supplies. You may receive reimbursement by submitting a receipt to the Treasurer or, supplies can be charged to the Creamery if they are “Coffee Hour,” “Children,” or “Cleaning.”

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