Kid’s Church

Our Vision:

Children are a valued part of our church and we are committed to nurturing them in a spiritual environment.

Our Mission:

Our spiritual community listens, teaches, respects, shares, holds, plays, comforts, remembers, explores and imagines.  Ours is a “congregational” model, which means there is room for congregants to shape all aspects of the church’s activities, including the  children’s program.

Our Goals:

–To provide child care for children aged 4 and under and more structured learning for children aged 5 to young adult in a safe and welcoming environment responsive to the various ages, needs and desires of attending children.

–To provide parents an opportunity to attend church services their children are cared for by the church community.

 To provide a peaceful Sabbath morning for the whole congregation, children and adults alike; where stillness is practiced and focus supported.

A Day at Kids Church:

     Opening ritual
Moment of silence/prayer
Joys & Concerns & snack
Introduction of theme
Theme-based activity
Closing circle

Our Kids’ Church” program borrows from the religious education curriculum designed by the Unitarian Universalist Association  called “Tapestry of Faith”, specifically the section called “Creating Home”.  We will post here, in advance, the theme for each week, along with the names of the teachers.   The theme for December 9th is “On the Threshold” and Bobby-Ann Higgins and Wil Hastings will be the teachers.

For more information about The Tapestry of Faith go to;

            The UU materials say about its “Creating Home”: “It is a journey from home. It is a journey to home. Welcome home. This program helps children develop a sense of home that is grounded in faith. Together with your group you will ask questions about the purpose of having a home and the functions a home serves, for us as humans and for other animals. The program speaks of home as a place of belonging and explores the roles each of us play in the homes where we live. The program introduces the concept of a “faith home” — your congregation — which shares some characteristics with a family home. Like a family home, a faith home offers its members certain joys, protections, and responsibilities.”

Program GOALS…Creating Home will:

  • Guide participants to identify the characteristics of a home and the functions a home serves
  • Help participants articulate and affirm the location and the members of their individual family homes
  • Provide opportunities for participants to observe homes in nature and investigate how different kinds of animal homes provide security and sustenance for their inhabitants
  • Build participants’ vocabulary of faith and religious language
  • Draw connections between participants’ family home experiences and the roles, responsibilities, and rewards of belonging to a “faith home”
  • Help develop participants’ sense of belonging in their Creating Home group and in the larger congregation
  • Provide multiple opportunities for participants to practice artistic self-expression and have fun.

Download our adapted version of the UU program for more details on our ideas
for presenting the theme-based activities around the concept of CREATING HOME

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