From our Minister

“Last Night” a poem from March 3, 2013

       LAST NIGHT   Last night while I was sleeping I lay my burden down. I saw sorrow, I saw sunshine, I saw teardrops on the ground.   Things I did I can’t remember; Some I never should have done. Some they haunt me, some they taunt me, They pursue me like the […]

Sermon February 24, 2013

Feb 24, 2013     A Fable   The field was grazed and over-grazed. Time passed. The generations of livestock accumulated swiftly. New calves every year. New mothers every two. But the farmers came in generations, too. They rose, enjoyed a long noon and afternoon and fell, also. The field that was grazed and over-grazed, […]

Letter to President Barack Obama

WEST  CUMMINGTON  CONGREGATIONAL  CHURCH P.O. Box 148, Cummington MA  01026 Stephen Philbrick, Minister     President Barack Obama                                                             January 2013 The People’s House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue   Dear Mr. President,   Congratulations on your re-election. Congratulations on being freed from campaigns and raising money. Now you can see a future broader than the next election. […]

Tilting Away From The Light

Part of my job, part of my heart, To ring the old bell, irregular, in the church at home. On Sunday there is a deacon to do it and there are always children jumping toward the rope.   But it was Friday and Solstice and twenty six lives Cut off in Connecticut needed to be […]