Poem from March 3, 2013

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A Fable

A Fable The field was grazed and over-grazed. Time passed. The generations of livestock accumulated swiftly. New calves every year. New mothers every two. But the farmers came in generations, too. They rose, enjoyed a long noon and afternoon and fell, as well. Also. The field that was grazed and over-grazed, grew back and was […]

Nields in Concert Rescheduled for January 19, 2013

Due to bronchitis, the Nields have had to cancel their December 9th concert in the new West Cummington Church sanctuary. The good news however is that the concert has been rescheduled for Saturday, January 19, which also happens to be the Saturday closest to the third anniversary of the fire that destroyed the old church.  So, please […]