Parish House still serving Double Duty

From the Building Committee Dear WCCers, The Parish House will continue to function as a Parish House for 6 and 1/2 days a week and will be our church the remaining 1/2 day. Sunday school is on hold until we have a permanent space except for the first Sunday of every month… Contact Polly at […]

Kid’s Posts

Our Church re-opens on December 2nd 2012! All are welcome to join in the celebration! The Kid’s Church program will begin the following Sunday, December 9th, at the Parish House from 9:15 AM to 11:15 AM. Please visit our Kid’s Church page for more information about the program. Kid’s Sunday School Comments My favorite thing […]

Give Peace Some Love

  GIVE PEACE SOME LOVE Stephen Philbrick, September 18, 2011  Life no meaning, passions no constructive outlet, future no reality/ My education doesn’t prepare me for a good job/ Crime DOES pay/ My education nor my faith tell me how to face the unknown/ I have responsibility for my future, but no power/ I want to […]

2011 Committees and Leadership

Volunteer Leadership for 2011 Individual and Committee Responsibilities West Cummington Congregational Church SUNDAY SERVICE Coffee Hour: Set up coffee before church. Coffee, milk, cookies and fruit purchased as part of Wed coffee hour. Clean up after coffee hour. Committee rarely meets. (Sunday): Darlene Graham (Wednesday): Nan Clark Communion: Set up communion table on first Sunday […]

Summer Dinners

Dear WCCC Friends On behalf of the Deacons, Hal and I are organizing a series of church dinners throughout the summer. The purpose of the dinners is to have discussion about the new church or other spiritual themes that transpire during our time together. There are two ways to sign-up: in-person at the Parish House […]